• Rohit Akkewar

Inside Sales is about TIME ... How you manage it, defines your success!

Do you call to make a living?

Are you in Inside Sales? Business Development? Telesales? Lead Generation? Lead Qualification? Renewals?

Then, you would agree to this -

"It typically takes five to seven attempts to reach your contact by phone or e-mail before they actually respond."

On a typical day, you have to make enough initial calls and follow-up calls to generate genuine prospects you can confidently put in your pipeline.

You have to keep dialling; check prospect’s website, latest news, plan on what your conversation be like.

Meanwhile, texts and e-mails are popping up in your inbox, your boss needs your forecast by this afternoon, and you’re already eating lunch in your cubicle.

In today’s sales world, it’s easy to lose time multitasking inefficiently - lose track of time, lose focus, and loose sales in the process.

Inside Sales is about TIME!

How you plan it, and how you use it to your best advantage.

There is a direct correlation between time control and quota attainment.

The choices you make, the focus you keep, the plan you produce, the way you ask questions, and the momentum you create and maintain, set the foundation for your phone and online sales success.

How can one save time and maintain the focus?

Seven Ways to Save Time and Maintain Your Focus:

1. Increase your talk time: the human voice is still your best tool.

2. Call deeper and wider rather than leaving too many voice mail messages for one contact.

3. Learn to quickly identify strong prospects and ask tough questions early in the call.

4. Ask for less time from prospects—follow the under the six-minute rule, which means you should only request under six minutes.

5. Hold on to good leads, but let go of unproductive leads you’ve held onto for too long.

6. Focus on what you can control, and let go of issues beyond your control.

7. Be flexible as to when you contact a new prospect—‘‘rules’’ about ‘‘the best time of day’’ can waste valuable time.

Happy Calling!


The author is a Business Development and Inside Sales veteran with over 14 years’ experience and helps small companies with Inside Sales Consulting.

Book a free consultation session with him if you are facing challenges in setting up Inside Sales Teams, Sales Training, and Coaching.

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