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Empathy and Motivation for Inside Sales Teams

I help companies setup Inside Sales function. Sometimes we start from the scratch and sometimes there is already a team in place which needs fine tuning.

In one of my earlier Consulting Assignment, I faced a challenge - Demotivated and disgruntled Inside Sales team.

While I do not wish to divulge the reasons, upon my initial interaction with the Inside Sales team, I found out exactly what was missing.

It made me wonder, how can a business miss out on such an important aspect - something that can exponentially boost a team’s performance.

It's called “understanding your team members' emotions!”

Or otherwise known as 'Empathy'

Simply put, empathy is the ability to step into someone else's shoes, be aware of their feelings and understand their needs.

Inside Sales teams need to be constantly motivated.

And, to be able to motivate them should be the most essential criteria for any Inside sales leader.

These 2 aspects, Empathy and Motivation, are very very important for the Inside Sales teams, not just here in this case but across companies.

There is a direct correlation between - Empathy and Motivation

• Empathy Boosts Productivity:

Increased sales, loyalty and referrals. Human connection is a powerful source of meaning and motivation. And when you start to build this connection with your team, you allow them to become more productive.

• Empathy Builds Leadership:

People who understand the feeling of other teammates are more likely to be viewed as an effective leader. It ensures expanded engagement and collaboration.

• Empathy tells you The Root Cause Behind Poor Performance:

The more you connect with people the more you understand their shortcomings, and hence their motivations too :).

• Empathy Helps The Struggling Teammates:

Being empathetic allows leaders to help struggling employees improve and excel. This in turn creates the atmosphere of respect that ensures more engaged team members.


• Empathy should be at the core of your company’s mission

For any company looking at forging long lasting customer relationships, develop products or services that advance customer’s life, it is vital that they have empathy in their mission else, there will be a disconnect between its mission and its practices.

Did you as a sales leader or business owner faced similar challenges with your teams?

Would love to hear your experiences.

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